Andrew Neave


After a youth spent designing for theater and teaching in Creative Arts programs, 

Andrew graduated with honors from The Rhode Island School of Design, earning both a Bachelors and Masters degrees in Apparel Design and Textile Design.

He took internships in New York and Los Angeles, walked runways, worked multiple jobs with antique furnishing and textile dealers, sold high end clothing, merchandised, and designed windows for Louis Boston.  

Andrew worked for many years for Steven King Decorative Carpets, serving and assisting a celebrated client list and was instrumental in designing the initial collections and product concept and branding for Lapchi. 

With Lapchi, he later developed The Milton Glaser Collection, and curated it's premier showing at The Santa Monica Museum of Art, and designed the Andre Arbus Collection from original archival material.Andrew has worked for Lapchi in a freelance capacity, as well as in their Los Angeles and Chicago showroom locations.