Matt Bourne

Co-Founder Christopher Farr Carpets

Matthew developed his passion for carpets working with antique textiles, and met his business partner Christopher Farr through the legendary London dealer David Black. Together they started designing and producing contemporary designs with weavers in Turkey and since then, have expanded production to parts of India and Afghanistan as well.

Established in 1988, Christopher Farr has been at the spearhead of contemporary rug design for over thirty years and were one of the companies that were early movers in the development of todays thriving contemporary rug market 

Regular trips to source the best producers around the world has enabled Christopher Farr to push the boundaries of rug making and realise designs from a diverse community of designers and artists that include Studio Shamshiri, Gary Hume, Sarah Morris, Anni Albers, John Pawson and Kit Kemp. 

Matthew is based in London and is contributing editor of Hali magazine. He has written numerous books and articles on both contemporary and antique rug making and regularly advises on the rug industry today.