Bonnie Sutton

Managing Director Knots Rugs

Knots Rugs is a London based designer rug company with a flagship showroom on the Kings Road, Chelsea. 

Led by MD and head designer Bonnie Sutton, they are known as one of the UK’s most innovative and artistic rug companies, their exquisite and sophisticated creations adorning the most luxurious of homes around the world.

Knots Rugs has its rug roots spanning 3 generations, starting in the 1930’s with Bonnie Sutton’s grandfather Alfred Sutton, a rug restorer of international renown and an expert of antique, oriental carpets and textiles. 

Inspired by his work and passion, Bonnie started Knots Rugs back in 2007. 
Driven by her own love of fine-art and with a distinctive eye for colour and design, she has developed Knots Rugs into a company of international standing, with a reputation for stunning, original collections.