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About Us

The Rug Show is a non-profit industry association comprised of producers, importers and wholesalers whose primary aim is to better promote and expand the collective interests of our industry. By bringing together a consortium of different rug industry businesspersons – particularly from North America - to develop promotional ideas, stage events and expand positive exposure for our wares across the globe, The Rug Show will develop marketing tools, promote member brands and expand mutually beneficial connections across the industry. 

A main tool in this process is the development of a national “Rug Show” which will bring together under one roof as great a number as possible of the “wholesalers” and “buyers” in the trade. To combat the common refrain often heard about other industry exhibitions (i.e. that the national events don’t always entirely reflect the needs of the exhibitors - or buyers, for that matter) our events will be run by the actual exhibiting members in an open, communal manner so as to create the best purchasing environment for our industry’s customers. And by pooling our resources we’re able to achieve superior service as well as dramatically more efficient cost structures for the management of these shows.

Our goal is to offer a variety of shows throughout the year, around the country, with aspirations to expand opportunities for the both industry in general and our members in particular.

We will be a totally member driven association, with an open door policy towards all in the industry and will have an entirely transparent and non-profit operational structure.